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The no-code SaaS & business app builder

RailsRocket is an easy to use, visual, no-code platform for creating custom business apps, backed by real Rails code

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What makes us different

SaaS and business app focused

We provide the drag and drop building blocks, templates and workflows to make it dead simple to create SaaS apps and real business tools

Easy to get started

Get to a working, branded app in a matter of minutes using our dead-simple 5-step onboarding

Easy to use

Interactive visual app canvas clearly shows how your app works. A visual form builder makes adding or changing your app data a breeze

Code backed

All our apps are real Ruby on Rails apps which can be exported, pushed to Git, hosted anywhere and worked on by Rails developers


Easily find real, vetted developers who can extend your apps with or without code

Our Alpha programme

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We’re looking for 12 alpha customers who need a business or SaaS app built soon.

If you have a small to mid-sized business or SaaS app that you are ready to build we'd love to hear from you.

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Here's how it works


Quick call

Understand you and your needs

Spec and timeline

We’ll put this together so you know what to expect from us


We build out your app including any custom code

Approval and amends

Quick call to make sure you're happy with the app


Get the app hosted and assist with going live

What can you build with RailsRocket?

FullCircle is a sales data tool that stores data on companies and allows users to filter that data and download PNGs with the logos of the filtered companies.

Take a tour of the app and see how quickly it was built here.

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Quickly get your app up and running. With apps backed by code there's no need to worry about the future

SaaS apps

Provide data and services, setup subscriptions and collect payment with Stripe

User-facing portals

Secure and access to content and data for customers, clients or employees. Define roles and control which data is shared with which users

Internal Business apps

Define teams, manage and collaborate on data from various sources, automate common tasks and integrate with other apps in a unified way

Multi-tenant apps

Easily silo data and customise views based on the logged in tenant or user

Workflows & wizards

Define multi-stage processes and create customised wizards to help users complete tasks and tie into other APIs


Consolidate multiple sources of data into a single dashboard, with customised charts and filters.

More app ideas...

Customer Success Dashboard Customer Support Tool Inventory Mangement Automated Email Sender API Proxy with Billing Sales Data Tool GDPR Data Tool Appointment booking app Recruitment Process Outsourcing platform Event listing and management app Summer camp management platform Expense tracker Clinic Management System Online Ad and Competitor analysis tool Team based opportunity CRM Licensing board management app Online job board ...

Thought through building blocks

Our library of building blocks are designed to work together effortlessly. You can combine and connect them in different ways for an almost infinite number of possibilities.

Connected data

Listing, management, forms and public data-backed widgets and pages. All from a single source and seamlessly wired together.

Branded dashboards

Bringing all your data, objects and users together in a branded panel for easy management. Key data and metrics are easily surfaced.

Sites and Pages

Visually create attractive pages backed by data. Easily connect multiple pages into a site. You can even create multiple sites in the same app.

Embeds and Popups

Embed your app or a part of it into an existing site, either inline within a page, or as a popup, using only a single Javascript tag.

Front end components

Loads of styled, branded, templated, interactive components let you present your data to the user in the way that's right for your app.


Create automations and workflows in a visual environment. Data updates, notifications, reminders and integrations all handled in one place.


Visual designer with a host of form controls and layouts all automatically connected to data with validation built in.


Easily build multistage forms including progress saving and reminders.


Create public or protected APIs onto your data. All fully documented for easy use and consumption by others.

Content management
Easily create blogs and pages. Make interface copy editable and make your sites multilingual.
Charts, numbers & stats
Define charts from your data or call out individual stats. Pepper through your app or assemble into dashboards.
Team listings
Simple and manageable team areas for your app. Store data in the app or pull it from elsewhere.
Clean visual ways to display feeds of time-series data such as posts, activity or price changes.
Media asset management
Easily add a media library to your app with a user friendly uploader.
Thought through interactive calendar primitives to add to your app. Sophisticated scheduling on top.
Easily add reminders for appointments or other events. SMS, Email or notification. Configurable schedule.
Soft delete
Archive your data instead of deleting it forever from the system.
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Who could use Rails Rocket?

New entrepreneurs Get your MVP up lightning fast, realise your idea yourself now without worrying about scaling or platform limitations in the future.

Existing businesses If you've always wanted software to manage your business but been put off by high development costs, now you can build it yourself at a fraction of the cost.

Marketers Easily create new sites, pages, lead gen forms and other web based marketing materials. All dynamic, with content manageable by your team.

Sales teams Easily create lead management, CRM and team management tools bespoke to your specific needs. No worries about lock-in.

Developers Build apps more quickly for your clients. Get new clients by signing up to the developer marketplace. Easily create tooling to manage workflow or teams.

Agencies Keep costs down by building your clients' apps in RailsRocket. Get new clients by signing up to the developer marketplace.

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